the digital studio + community

a welcoming space to (re)discover your movement & momentum

We aim to make it easy for adults to start dancing again, and keep consistent with it, whether it's been decades or days since you last moved. 

Accessible through our app or any browser, here you can find: 


Both recorded on-demand and live on Zoom classes in a variety of styles at a beginner and rusty non-beginner level. Plus daily dance challenges to give you boosts of momentum.


Discussion forums where you can ask questions, find local dance buddies, and feel encouraged to dance again and again


Dedicated spaces for movement teachers, choreographers, and multi-passionate creatives to get certified, get support, plus opportunities to guest teach

With the challenges that come with adulting, it can be hard to prioritize the things that bring you joy, especially as intimidation and self-consciousness arise as our bodies change and we age. 

Instead of trying to fit yourself into the mold of what dance once was for you (or what you wished it could have been) join the Dance Again Community, a space where you can welcome dance back into YOUR life on YOUR terms.


Join us today! 

Option 1: Become a Monthly Class Member

Our "dance revival" membership plan gives you access to:

* a wide variety of classes and courses on-demand 

* free entry to live Zoom classes 

* 50% off IRL classes in Brooklyn

* plus, community discussion forums and other bonuses


Option 2: Try the 13-Day Series First

If you're not ready to commit or just want to take it one step at a time, you can also get started with:


the 13-Day "Dance Alone Together" Video Series


a digital copy of Dance With This Book. 

(the Monthly Membership gives you access to all of that, as well!)

Scroll down for the details and let's get started!

P.S. We are dedicated to making this space as accessible as possible. If the class membership rate is not doable for you, we also offer a number of reduced rate options each month. 

Please click here to apply for a reduced rate spot.